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Deck Stands

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Our deck stands will allow you to store your deck in a space saving vertical stance when used in conjunction with the JD Load N Go or MFG lifting device. 

Standard- 60D" fully welded and will have an angled gauge wheel spring pin (looking from top) 

Standard- 54D" fully welded and will have a parallel gauge wheel spring pin (looking from top) 

Standard models- 4'' 190LB casters and a fully welded frame available in 1'' pin with 3/8 cross drilled hole.

Deluxe- 5'' 300LB solid pneumatic casters with an adjustable pin to fine tune the angle at which the stand sits, a crossbar to tie everything together for a rigid robustness.  Available in 1'' with 3/8 cross drilled hole and 7/8 with 5/16 cross drilled hole.


Inspired by Tony