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Trailer Mover Accessories

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 Additional accessories for our Forklift Trailer Mover available:

  • Modification Free push/ pull bar
  • 1 7/8" Ball
  • 2" Ball
  • 2 5/16" Ball
  • Custom Attachments Upon Request. Contact Us! 

Our Drill Free Adjustable Tie Bar will give you the added benefit to install a trailer mover onto your forklift without any modifications to the unit itself. With a solid adjustable bar this will allow  you to push or pull without the extra added motion unlike a chain that only controls one direction of motion. With three model designs ranging from  21" to 57-3/4'' we have you covered for most models of trucks with 3' to 6' forks. And with a one time initial setup this will fit the back lower carriage on the mast ranging from 2-3/4'' to 5'' and than can simply be installed and removed in most cases in seconds.  

Measurements of adjust ability, 11'' will also need to be added for the trailer mover itself  

4FT -21" to 35-1/2" 

5FT -26'' to 45-1/4''

6FT -33'' to 57-3/4''


 media blasted, and powder coated with industrial materials for durability.